Headed by Prof. AFM Ruhal Haque FRCS (Ed), FICS the most renowned Orthopedic Surgeon of the country Trauma Center envisages a plan to become a dependable orthopedic institute within 2020.

We also plan to expand our services beyond the current location and make a chain of trauma Center in different locations of Dhaka city and eventually at other places of the country within next 5 years.



Our mission is to achieve the maximum customer's satisfaction through our dedicated services from the doctors and staff. We aim at ensuring the best possible management of the patients traumatic and other orthopedic conditions. Such as:

  • Definitive, restorative and rehabilitative type of Orthopedic care to patients in an environment to privacy, kindness and understanding based on Trauma Center sprit of "care first".
  • Reduce patients outflow to foreign countries for treatment and thereby save valuable foreign currency.